Kamaka Artist

Kris Fuchigami

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kris Fuchigami began his musical journey with a beat-up, old ukulele in his hands and a strong desire to master the tiny little instrument.

2 years later Kris won the grand prize at the Hamakua Music Scholarship Competition on the Big Island where he competed against classical pianists, singers, drummers, and many other musicians.

Since then Kris has traveled the globe sharing his love for this 4-string instrument. Both he and his mother, by his side, partner to showcase music and their love for entertaining others. 


Kris went on to perform at and headline ukulele festivals and has gained recognition throughout the world. Now, at the age of 25, Kris has released 4 CDs and has been privileged to perform with music greats such as Jake Shimabukuro, Mark Yamanaka, Yoza, Daniel Ho, Brittni Paiva, and many more!

Kris' youtube videos have accumalated, in total, over one million views by fans all over the world. The following videos showcase Kris' versatility with the ukulele and why he is recognized as one of the top ukulele artists in the world.

“I choose to play Kamaka ukuleles because they're so rich in sound. It sounds beautiful when played softly, and it sounds amazing when being played hard. But not only do they sound great, they look amazing! When I look at my Kamaka, the first thing that comes to mind is the word "love." I feel that every bit of work put into this instrument was filled with love, and that is because the Kamaka Ohana is so caring and full of love. I'm so happy and proud to play my Kamaka ukulele!”