Kamaka Artist

Izumi Pahepuaokalani Hori

Izumi learned hula from 3 years old, and has competed in various Hula competitions. She naturally started singing Hawaiian songs along with playing the ukulele.

In 2007, Paniolo Yamauchi produced her CD debut at the age of 12. In response to the vocal lessons from Kuana Torres Kahele, he referred to Izumi as a "soft caliber of flowers from heaven" which bestowed her Hawaiian name "PAHĒPUAOKALANI". 


In June 2013, she released her mini album "Pōmaika'i" arranged by Kuana torres Kahele. She has participated on other recordings and has been a guest artist on other artist recordings as well.

Currently Izumi is a college student at Keio University.

“I have been playing Kamaka ukulele for many years since when I started to play Hawaiian music at the age of 11. Kamaka ukulele is the most easiest to play for me because any size of Kamaka's fits my small hand. Also the sound is so nice!!! It complement my falsetto voice so nicely. Kamaka ukulele is my favorite!! Mahalo so much Uncle Chris!!”